Biker Dating Trends 2015

Biker Dating Trends 2015  The biker dating segment has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. This niche dating segment has primarily catered to the diverse needs of people seeking a companion that is passionate about bikes or owns one. While it is worth considering that biker dating sites do not ask for every user to be the owner of one of the meanest machines on the planet, all they look for is passion for riding these two – wheeled powerhouses.

biker datingIn the recent years, leading manufacturers of motorcycles such as Honda, Harley Davidson and Yamaha, among others have reported a steep rise in the number of female customers. So now that the idea of riding or owning a bike isn’t monopolized by men, it has given way to dating.

According to experts, online dating sites would receive a major update in the year 2015. While this isn’t limited to its user base, you can expect more females to register with these sites, which is certainly great news for all the men seeking a like – minded pillion. Here are some of the major trends that you might witness in 2015 –

  • The power of images: It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. You wouldn’t be able to describe your appearance in a thousand words as one picture would do it for you. People have understood the advantages of telling their story with the help of images. Little thumbnails shall be replaced by high definition images, making it more convenient for users to have a better look at their potential partner.
  • The rise on online video chat: Gone are the days when people used to text chat. Most biker dating sites now feature video chat options so that you can look at the person whom you’re chatting with in real time. This way you’d get a better understanding of what the person would be in real life. This would also keep your expectations in check as a lot of people tend to put up unreal profile pictures.
  • More female users: According to American manufacturer Harley Davidson, about 20 percent of their customers are female. This shows a steady rise in the number of female riders and those passionate about motorcycles. This means that you can expect more female users on biker dating sites. And, don’t be surprised if you find women that own BMWs and Hondas on the website.
  • Better profiles with more details: A detailed profile is the best way to showcase what you have to offer. It is expected that people would spend more time creating their profile and taking professional pictures so as to attract a potential match.
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