Motorcycle Riding Ideas in Autumn

autumn motorcycleridingAs the summer season comes to an end, you also have to say goodbye about the long rides through the night and brace yourself as autumn steps in.

When seasons change, there are also new conditions that singles motorcycle riders have to deal with. It is not a secret that the weather is a master mocker as it gives blasts of heat during autumn when the truth is, the trees are starting to lose their leaves, temperatures decrease dramatically and daylight dwindles little by little.

To make sure that your bike riding on autumn will be as memorable as ever, here are a few ideas and tips that you have to keep in mind.

Watch Out for Deer

Deer are most active during fall season, whether they are trying to run away from the hunters who push them to new areas or they are simply prowling for food. More deer collisions happen during autumn and it is just understandable not to encounter one in your path while riding your motorcycle.

See to it that you wear your full protective gear before you go out for an autumn ride. Also, make sure that you carefully scan the road sides, especially if you are travelling in rural areas. Be alert all the time at dawn and dusk since these are those times of the day when movement of deer reaches its peak.

Look Out for Wet or Dry Leaves

Leaves can be very beautiful with all their colors during autumn but these wonders can be very hazardous to rides the moment they start falling to the ground. The dry leaves, for instance, can pile up on roads and cover any potholes or other types of inconsistencies. You have to keep your eye on the road and take familiar routes.

Morning dew or rain will bring a host of various types of dangers since these can create wet leaves, leading to a slick pavement surface. It could make your bike slide on the road that is why you have to try avoiding such situations every time you can. in case you approach a pile of leaves along the road, you have to try your very best to drive as slow as you can until you get past that obstacle.

Befriend Leather

The crisp and cool air can make things even more exciting during fall. Temperatures get more enjoyable for riding as compared to heat waves which are common in summer season. It is that perfect time of the year for leather to be your new best friend. You can protect yourself from the wind with leather while keeping you comfortably warm as you ride.

Icy and Frosty Surfaces

Cool nights of autumn lead to one thing: frost in the morning. it is a must to beware of frost on roads on early mornings since pavement can have thin layer of ice on top it with, making you lose traction. Areas with shade are going to frost up first so you have to be knowledgeable of the surroundings as you cruise through the day.


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